Woman car insurance explained

We all know that females are excellent drivers and so it makes perfect sense that they should receive cheaper premiums. But when did the marketplace first realise that women should be paying less than men? CoverGirl Car Insurance Services takes a look.

We women have been receiving fantastic deals on our car insurance for years now because let’s face it, we’re better than men when it comes to motoring. However, men continue to think that they’re superior, despite being accountable for 90% of all Britain’s driving bans and convictions.

In fact, out of 4,000 motorists interviewed for a recent survey by yesinsurance.co.uk, 31% of men said that they were better motorists, with a shocking 5% of women agreeing with them! Come on girls, support your sisters!

So what are the differences that enable us ladies to get cheaper car insurance premiums? One of the reasons we get better deals is because we tend to drive shorter distances than men and, when we do, we take more care to avoid the risk of a possible road accident.

Not only are women safer on the roads but they usually drive smaller vehicles. Car insurance companies like to embrace this aspect as it can have a positive affect on the costing involved during the claims process.

If a woman and her Ford Fiesta or Vauxhall Corsa were involved in a crash, her motor insurance provider would have less to pay out for on repairs. Parts are usually easier to source for smaller cars and bodywork damage is also less expensive compared to high performance cars – the ones that men like to drive.

CoverGirl Car Insurance Services has been providing cheap policies to women in the UK since 2004. Unlike other companies, we don’t spend huge amounts of cash on advertising, instead, we deal with our customers directly over the internet. It’s this saving that makes our car insurance policies so affordable.

Benefits that come with woman car insurance
Not only do female drivers get cheaper car insurance but they also get a lot of other benefits. Depending on the company you go to you’re bound to get an added bonus, for example, if you’re a woman who can’t live without a handbag, you could get a policy including £300 cover.

Also, if you wanted to have a male partner or your parent added to your policy, this is more than ok for most companies. As long as you’re the main driver, women car insurance don’t mind you adding a male driver to the same policy.

Even cheaper car insurance
For great savings on your UK motor insurance policy, get a quote from CoverGirl Car Insurance Services today.

We know that everybody wants the peace of mind that both they and their vehicle will be covered in the event of a road accident and this is something that we can provide you with. We even offer affordable prices on legal expenses insurance.

When you get a quote from us you’re more than welcome to continue shopping for online car insurance as your quote will be redeemable for up to 30 days. However, we’re so sure that we offer such great prices on insurance that you’ll want to take out a policy straight away.