What should I know before looking for a family lawyer.

When there is some kind of family conflict, it is best to find a good family lawyer, but the problem arises when determining what a good family lawyer is. And we say that the most advisable thing to look for a family lawyer, not just a lawyer since for the specialties of the matter a family lawyer has to have certain professional qualities, personal skills and legal technical knowledge that are not within reach of any legal professional. 

And we also say that it is advisable to look for a good family lawyer and not good family lawyers because the good family professional is a professional who works in direct contact with his clients, who must know first-hand the specific problems of the family concrete to arrive not at a solution but at the best possible solution, that is why it is recommended to go to a professional who may or may not have more colleagues in his office, commits himself to personally attend to his clients, that is why a single lawyer is necessary and not a team of lawyers that will prevent direct and personal treatment with the client.

 The good family lawyer must be an expert in his field, a matter that is not scarce because unlike common opinion a family lawyer is not only an expert in marriage annulments, separations and divorces, but must be a true expert in subjects as varied and diverse as guardianship and custody of minors, joint custody, liquidation of the marriage company, child abduction (whether national or international), modification of measures, psychosocial teams, alimony, compensatory pensions, regulatory agreements, family protocol, gender violence, male and female abuse, child abuse, false accusations, visitation, family mediation, specific casuistry of domestic partners, civil incapacitation … and so many matters that affect the most intimate sphere of people.

But also a good family lawyer has to have a good professional career in which you have to combine enough experience, specialization in the subject, and technical knowledge, not advising those lawyers who answer the question of any client “I carry everything” good family lawyer has to have the ability to propose to his clients solutions that have not been raised so far and he has toBeing able to transmit new approaches to the same problems in order to reach better solutions. 

good family lawyer must be a good juvenile lawyer when there are children in family conflicts. Bad is any family lawyer who sees only his client in the one who pays the fees, because whenever there are minors the family lawyer must be clear that the minor children are also his clients , and also his preferred clients. 

A good family lawyer knows that each family is a community of interests, values ​​and expectations different from any other family, and with greater reason in the moments of family crisis because although it is true that all happy families seem to be the same However, families and couples in crisis are always in their own way and with their specific casuistry. 

good family lawyer must be able to discern present and future problems, seeking solutions to the present and avoiding the generation of futures; For this, the first thing will be to look for a global solution, but if this cannot be achieved, the good family lawyer will have to partialize the problems and solve them independently, breaking in many cases the dynamics of the family courts and building new schemes. legal for each case, fighting if it is necessary not to link the custody and custody to the use of the dwelling, or the food to the custody and custody, the communications to the payment of the food, etc., if with this it is able to give real solution to the problem posed, always being clear that the interest of minors must prevail, and that in the relationship between spouses, former spouses or partners, the principles of equality, compensation of imbalances, and parental co-responsibility must prevail.

Finally, a good family lawyer must be much more than a good lawyer , he must be a person with great psychological knowledge, he must show absolute sincerity, he must have common sense, he must be reasonable, he must be flexible in his consultation hours, must be close to the client, must be attentive to the needs of children even if no one manifests them, must be a guarantor of social peace and family peace, must have communication skills before the client, before his opponent and before the judge. 

If you search among your family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances, a good family lawyer, make sure that the family lawyer they recommend has all these qualities. If, on the contrary, you use Google or any other internet tool, verify that the lawyer with whom you are going to make an appointment is a specialist only in family law, and also checks if you have enough experience, since the rest of the virtues will not be able to discover them. Until the first interview.