Ten tips for choosing a lawyer

How to be sure that he will not deceive you, that he will not sell himself, that he will not fall asleep on the day of judgment? Follow these ten tips to choose a lawyer

The lawyers are of two types, such as mushrooms: bland or poisonous, so before hiring them you have to try to find out what type they are. If you follow these ten tips for choosing a lawyer, you may lose your mind , but you will know because of who has been lost.

  1. Take an inventory: Is your lawyer’s office luxurious or rather seems to be taken from an Ikea catalog? In the first case, do not doubt that it is sold to the highest bidder. In the second, that his unstoppable awkwardness for the exercise of the right prevents him from getting a portfolio of clients and, in turn, getting him to pay for his work.
  2. Take the bull by the horns: Another of the ten tips for choosing a lawyer is to ask the right question (if possible before even saying good morning): do you sell yourself? . Obviously he will deny it, but the more outraged the picapleitos seem, the lower the cachet of his potential betrayal.
  3. Take a test: Luckily, everything is on the internet (and everything that is, in addition, is true). So nothing prevents him from confronting what the lawyer tells him with the qualified opinions that he has read on issues similar to his own on wikihow and Forocoches.
  4. Let him know that he doesn’t need it: as an extension of the previous advice, you can release the phrase that terrifies jurists the most: “I should have been a lawyer, but due to life’s circumstances….”, Then he releases a story with a lot plot that explains why you are not emptying the prisons of the country.
  5. Pull pedigree: Make it clear to the lawyer you have blessed with your presence that if you are in that office it is a mere matter of consistency and discretion, since between your political family and the real one there are four lawyers, two prosecutors, a magistrate of the Supreme Court and the callista of the driver of the Minister of Justice.
  6. Give yourself worth: Your subject, of course, is the most important of those that can take that office. In fact, it will surely cost you to understand why at the time of hiring that office, its members did not immediately proceed to detach themselves from the rest of the files that they had up to that moment. In any case, since your matter has to coexist with others of minor importance, make it clear what the priority of the lawyer should be by calling every day to see if there has been an advance and / or presenting without prior appointment in your consultation.
  7. Do not take anything for granted: If your lawyer tells you that yesterday you filed a brief in court, what you should do is go to court to see if it is true. Do not forget, above all, to tell the official that you are there because you do not trust your lawyer.
  8. The conspiracies exist: Another of the ten tips for choosing a lawyer has to do with the way he develops with his colleagues by profession. If before the trial he politely greets the opposing lawyer, it is because they have reached an agreement that he will surely disrupt his claims in exchange for filling the pockets of the lawyer. And if they don’t greet each other worse, it certainly means that the price of betrayal is so indecently high that they cannot allow you to suspect it exists.
  9. The lawyers live in the office: In fact, when they close the firm they extract a coffin from under their mahogany table and spend the whole night there, alone, with nothing to do except to talk to the imminent collection of the Romerales case bill . That is why you can call your lawyer a weekend or be shocked at the latter’s claim to take a few days of summer vacation.
  10. Assign merits and faults correctly: And, as a culmination of these ten tips to serve as a lawyer , don’t forget this: if you win the trial, it is because you were right. If you lose it, it is because your lawyer has not done his job well.