Spotlight on Zurich, the car insurance provider that recognises change

“Because change happenz” – Zurich’s personal statement to its customers, who over the years have witnessed a number of developments with the car insurance company since its initial beginnings in Switzerland in 1872.

Zurich has become one of the UK’s leading car insurance providers, offering its services to customers in more than 120 countries, with 55,000 members of staff on hand to assist anybody wanting a good deal on their motor insurance. Where Zurich stands at the present time in the insurance industry is a reflection of the developments it has chosen to make to meet the needs of a changing market.

The company was founded in 1872 under the name Versicherungs-Verein in Zurich and first opened its doors to the general public on 1st May 1873. Although Zurich currently offers its customers car insurance, the company initially provided renewal insurance services for Schweiz Insurance and then went on to provide accident insurance in 1875 under the new name Transport-&Unfall-Versicherungs-Actiengesellschaft; “Zürich”.

Nearly 20 years later and Zurich had received licences to work in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Prussia, Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Belorussia, Poland, Russia, Luxemburg and Liechtenstein. In 1894 the company changed its name again to “Zürich” Allgemeine Unfall-&Haftpflicht-Versicherungs-Aktiengesellschaft; when its services became more specialised in accident and liability insurance.

At the turn of the century, Zurich expanded its business to America to meet the demands of workers seeking compensation for serious accidents, making them the first European insurance company to enter the States. Although Zurich was years away from offering car insurance to its customers, the fact that it headed to America so early shows just how ahead of the game the company was in relation to its competitors and soon offices were being opened in New York, Illinois, New Jersey and Massachusetts.

The first Zurich branch in the UK was opened in 1922 and offered insurance services to people whose grandchildren might later grow up to buy Zurich car insurance in the new millennium over the internet.

The company again changed its name in 1955 to “Zürich” Versicherungs-Gesellschaft, leading the way for even more developments in the business of insurance. Just one such example is the present Zurich Financial Services Group that was established in 1998 following a merger with the financial services business B.A.T Industries p.l.c.

In the 21st century Zurich offers its customers a sound presence in the insurance industry with television adverts showing people making their way to work by wearing pro-jump stilts, depicting a essence of the future and how Zurich looks forward to what changes may arise – just as it did by branching out to America.

For anybody looking for car insurance quotes on the internet, Zurich, like many other motor insurance companies, offers its customers a chance to get a online car insurance quote at a click of a button. It has welcomed new technologies and has a bright future as one of the UK’s top car insurance providers and also operates on a global scale in North America, Asia Pacific, Latin America and the rest of Europe.

Zurich aims to become the worlds leading insurance group, creating and maintaining strong relationships with both new and existing customers. With the company’s vast history, its aim seems like a goal that could easily be achieved in the future.