Online traffic accident lawyers

Lawyers online A good idea?

If you are interested in hiring lawyers online to claim compensation for traffic accident injuries, consider these tips

In times when the internet and the virtual have more presence every day, in which electronic commerce is growing exponentially, it is logical that we ask ourselves if it is feasible to hire lawyers online , and if so, what advantages and disadvantages does this decision have.

The e – commerce , by definition, has as strengths the comfort of the consumer and more discount prices on save costs the merchant establishment open to the public. If we transfer these advantages to lawyers online, it seems that the parameters can be reproduced … but it is not so simple.

Let’s think about the steps you have to make for the claim of a traffic accident and see if it is feasible to perform them in a virtual or deferred way: after a first interview with the client (which can be through any telematic means), the lawyer must file a complaint in the courthouse of the place where the accident happened. If the lawyer lives in a different (and distant) population, things start to get complicated, because to begin the client must sign the complaint and attach a copy of the emergency report. That is, the online lawyer must send – let us say by mail – the complaint form, the client will send it signed by ordinary mail to the lawyer together with the emergency department, and in turn the lawyer will send it by ordinary mail to the court. Feasible? Yes Comfortable and agile? Not at all.

But the thing is not there. Since the online law firm that you have hired is not going to be able to go through the court to deliver and collect documents in the proceedings, you will probably propose to hire an attorney from the area. It is certainly a good idea, but it increases costs (calculate about 100 euros). Of course, there are steps that your virtual lawyer cannot do, such as accompanying you to a coroner or ratifying the complaint.

And, of course, the problem becomes irresolvable if it is not possible to reach an agreement with the opposite insurance company and you have to go to trial . Your online lawyers will have to “materialize” in a specific place and date, and that is when we reach the peak of nonsense: the members of that virtual office will contact a lawyer in your area so that day they can represent you. That is, both lawyer 2.0 and in the end will end up depending on the lawyer with an office five minutes from your home.

Taking up the beginning of the matter: Is it a good idea to hire lawyers online for a traffic accident ? Well, the truth is that not much (and this “not much” is extensible to hire lawyers from populations other than those where the matter should be processed). There is, perhaps, an exception: when we live in one population but the accident we had in another. We must in this case choose whether we want the lawyer near us or near where the file should be processed, the second option being more logical.