NFU Mutual – a leading car insurance provider

NFU Mutual was founded as a small company by seven enthusiastic farmers. With their hard work and dedication, it has grown to become on of the UK’s leading car insurance providers.

The UK’s top motor insurance providers all have vast, historic backgrounds, with some dating back hundreds of years. NFU Mutual is no exception and since its creation in 1910, the company has established itself as a trusted provider of life and general insurance.

The car insurance provider was founded in 1910 by seven farmers who had just £190 to start the business up. The company’s aim was to provide assistance for farmers joining the National Farmers Union (NFU), which had been created in 1908.

The NFU was originally established by nine Lincolnshire farmers in 1904. The group of men decided that they wanted to protect their interests and so the Lincolnshire Farmers Union was formed. Several years following this formation, other counties in the UK formed their own unions, leading way for a major meeting in London where the National Farmers Union was formed.

One of the original nine farmers from Lincolnshire, Mr Colin Campbell, became the first elected president of the union. Following his election he said that the organisations objective was to “launch out into a National Farmers’ Union, because a local branch in any county was unlikely to carry any weight with any government department or with Parliament.” Little did he realise that this formation would later lead to the creation of NFU Mutual, one of the leading cheap car insurance providers in the UK.

In the same year NFU Mutual was created, but still years before the company was providing online car insurance policies, the NFU had an estimated membership of 15,000 and by the time its headquarters had been moved from Lincolnshire to London there were 50,000 members.

With so many members, it makes sense that the NFU Mutual would form to provide adequate insurance for farmers to secure their assets. With the NFU expanding by 1949 with 200,000 members, the Mutual had a great customer base for its future financial services.

But as the years passed by, the NFU Mutual opened up to a wider market and moved its main source of business away from its agricultural roots. The NFU Mutual began working further afield from the UK and from 1948 to 1966 was operating in Rhodesia (now Zambia and Zimbabwe), Kenya and Tanganyika. The Farmers’ Mutual House, which was built it 1954, was at the time the tallest skyscraper in Harare.

The car insurance provider now operates closer to home in the UK, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. Over the years, NFU Mutual has received a number of awards for its achievements in the motor insurance industry – a clear sign of its members’ hard work and dedication. Some of their awards include General Insurer of the Year, Customer Care and Training Initiative of the Year.

With 300 offices around the UK and a workforce of over 5,000 people, it really can be said that NFU Mutual has come a long way from its humble beginnings back in 1910. With such a vast history, branching out into home, life and car insurance, it’s no surprise that NFU Mutual has become one of the UK’s leading motor insurance providers.

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