My mother had a baby with my husband so I had to go to their wedding”

My mother had a baby with my husband
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From dubious sham to assertion, unfaithfulness can have significant psychological consequences in a woman’s life. When it is a double betrayal and the latter brings together two relatives, there is a good chance that the victim of adultery will lose confidence in love. Relayed by Mirror , the case of Lauren Wall, a young woman of 34 who had to attend the marriage of her mother and her ex-husband after an unexpected pregnancy, has caused a lot of ink!

My mother had a baby with my husband

“It was unreal to see my mother marry my ex-husband,” says the young woman from London. She recounted her misadventure with bitterness, arguing that it is not easy to have to attend the wedding ceremony which is none other than the fruit of an affair between her own mother and her ex-husband. Here are the facts!

A double betrayal 

In her own words, what Lauren Wall went through made everyone else fall around her. After her mother financed her marriage to her man, Paul, the young woman did not fail to notice that the latter had come a little too close. Rightly so, since she was quick to discover their betrayal.

My mother had a baby with my husband

Since the travel wedding to which the mother was invited as thanks for the gift she offered to newlyweds by funding their union, Lauren felt they were a little too close. Eight weeks later, the rupture was fatal and incomprehensible. The young woman deplored the behaviors that her ex-husband had: “We had just married in just nuptials when her behavior changed. For example, I was no longer allowed to look into her cell phone. ”

My mother had a baby with my husband

After several suspicions and rumors, Lauren’s sister had to come across messages exchanged between Paul and Julie, for all of her suspicions to be confirmed. Sometime after their break-up, the disillusioned young woman learns that her ex-husband has officially started a household with her own mother, who is moreover pregnant.

Confessions without excuses

It was only after childbirth that the new couple, reunited by betrayal, decided to confess everything, without measuring the psychological consequences it could have in the life of Lauren who loved them more than anything. In her testimony, she accuses the two partners, but especially her mother: “It’s terrible to be forced to look at them like that. My mother is normally the one to protect me, isn’t she? But it’s almost the worst thing she could do to me. ”

My mother had a baby with my husband

Nevertheless, Lauren was very merciful forgiving Julie, after a letter of apology allowing them to reconnect, while Paul never asked for forgiveness.

Her indulgence is probably one of the many qualities that enabled her to regain love and have four children, despite her painful past: “It is said that time heals wounds. My mother and I try to behave normally, but our bond will never be the same as before. I can never trust him again ”.

My mother had a baby with my husband

Questionable behavior 

When it is not discovered in the act, it is difficult to prove adultery. Nevertheless, certain attitudes can be revealed according to Robert Weiss, a doctor of psychology.

Pay attention to these behaviors:

–  A change in the style of dress:  This should put you in the ear if you notice that your spouse’s style has changed at all, or that he suddenly wants to lose weight or gain weight for changing your appearance.

–  Secrets and secrecy: especially if your spouse does not let you approach his phone which can sometimes accompany him into the bathroom.

–  A modified frequency of sexual intercourse: whether higher or lower, this frequency speaks volumes about the partner’s fidelity. It can confirm or deny your doubts, especially if the relationship quality is degraded.

–  Expenses that the partner is unable to justify: If your partner starts buying things that are not like him, it is very likely that he is influenced by other tastes.

–  The embarrassment that certain friends or relatives could feel in your presence: Friends who are aware of the extramarital affairs of a partner may be distant so as not to find themselves in the same situation of betrayal or, on the contrary, show themselves very present in a compensatory perspective.

–  Behaviors of aggressiveness: The reproaches are very frequent to blame and to blame the other. When disputes escalate, it is very likely that unfaithful people will be aggressive.