Man installs camera to film ghosts and catches wife sleeping with son

From its Latin name “fidelity”, fidelity relating to faith is synonymous with loyalty within the couple, despite the diversity of definitions. In love, it is the guarantee of trust and constant feelings between a man and a woman. Several factors can desecrate this concept in certain couples, whether they are libertine or not. Some adultery stories can seem very shocking because of the announcement or the way in which the partner learns it. Such is the case for this man who wanted to film the occult and paranormal world using a special camera, and who discovers the adventure of his wife and his son in the act. The facts were relayed by our colleagues from the  Telegraph .

The images viewed by this Australian husband revealed an overwhelming truth. Passionate about paranormal activities, the man installed ghost hunting video surveillance cameras, also called  “Ghost Hunt Cameras”. Unfortunately, what he discovers leaves him speechless.

Unfaithfulness in women: Emma Bovary syndrome

Specialists do not resign themselves to explaining the reasons which would push a woman to commit adultery, to the point of being obsessed with her lover and not measuring the consequences of her actions.

Edmund Bergler, psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and author of more than 25 books of psychology explains that a woman cannot have a desire for other men when she has feelings, but that this must guarantee her to be loved in return, and to feel special. He insists on the narcissistic character of love in  women .

When the object of her love is not enough to satisfy this narcissism, it could push her to always seek this “perfect” and ideal love, preserving the qualities of her partner, and seeking to improve those that do not please her. This is called Emma Bovary syndrome.

Another reason may cause her to be unfaithful and to try risky experiences to say the least. It’s revenge! She commits the irreparable only when her ego is touched and when she feels crushed in her self-esteem.

Unexpected adultery

The husband whose story has made the web react lives in Tasmania, an Australian state more renowned for the beauty of its nature than by such surprising facts. He had installed several cameras to reassure himself about the presence of paranormal entities in his house.

It was in the middle of the night that he then set them up, and let them run. However, his discovery was far from what he had imagined: his wife and 16-year-old son were in a very intimate position, having sex.

“This is not a relationship that can continue”

These were the words of the defense of the woman, taken to court by the man who shared her life. She had tried to justify herself by inventing a story about the links that united her with her minor stepson, before admitting, under pressure, that it was not her first time with the young adolescent, and that she was unaware of the laws regarding sexual consent.

Despite these attempts to justify her mishap, she ended up pleading guilty.

The reasons for adultery

Passeport Santé sheds light on deciphering adultery in all its forms, without tolerating it. The main reasons concern:

– Romantic feelings towards another person

– The quest for new adventures and risk aversion

– The desire for revenge when you have been the victim of infidelity yourself

– The desire for a break in the couple

In addition, infidelity would allow, beyond the fantasies realized, to feel desired and loved.