How should a family lawyer act?

Family issues, gender-based violence and those related to minors are often very complex issues that require great empathy. He or the client often arrive at the office feeling very stressed, nervous or nervous, and without knowing what or who is going to find it. You have to explain to someone who does not know anything, very intimate aspects of their day-to-day life, which surely do not know even their closest relatives and it is likely that very deep feelings that can trigger crying or strong emotion will emerge. It is usually customary to be ashamed of it, and try to repress it, so in the first interviews, I ask that you do not do it, do not be ashamed and take the time you need to recover.

family lawyer , is usually used to witness difficult situations in which the worst version of the human being arises, jealousy, hatred, revenge, lies, manipulation of minors, attempts to impress the judge with attitudes that are not congruent with habitual behavior, fear, shame for having endured according to what situations, change of social roles, loss of economic capacity. Therefore, we have to work with all those feelings that produce anxiety, frustration, fear of the unknown and even physical or psychological diseases.

Once I have made the first visit, the client has sat in the office and I have attended to him, he usually feels much more relaxed, and that is that communications with my clients tend to be fluid, in confidence, the first visit It is always the one that costs a little more, but only the first 10 minutes, then you see how they relax and gradually open up. Another aspect that also helps is that due to professional experience, with a simple comment you can detect certain experiences that were forgotten or that are difficult to talk about, and therefore you must be the one who as a professional, go slowly pulling the thread and unmask them to expose them.

For me, it is vitally important to create that atmosphere of trust, and for the person to feel that their problem is in good hands, an experienced lawyer, specialist in the field that will solve that situation that worries them so much. I like to compare it to the feeling we have when we feel bad and the doctor tells us what problem we have, maybe it still hurts, but psychologically we are in the first necessary step and now we can remedy it.

The fact of empathizing with the client and providing the mechanisms to make him feel comfortable does not mean that we have to lose objectivity. For the process to go well, it is absolutely necessary to know where we are, since many times the client’s point of view does not respond to a legal issue, but rather emotional or it may even be the case that being so specific, that It is not regulated and it is not easy to tell the client that there is no regulation regarding that specific situation, but that happens in very few situations and in those cases, the client is given all the information necessary to preserve his integrity, as well as his emotional health.

Advice from a divorce lawyer

As a lawyer specializing in family and having requested countless previous measures, I dare to say that this deep knowledge of the client or client makes me determine the possibilities of success of the matter, for me information is a valuable key that puts me in a perspective in which to evaluate the contrary, analyze it carefully and create a strategy of success to expose all those small events that had been forgotten in the memory and translate them before the Judge so that he values ​​them in the most appropriate way to our possible requests.

1) When you search on Google with the terms Barcelona lawyer, divorce lawyer, gender violence lawyer, minor lawyer, try to do so (especially if you connect from the common computer) incognito so as not to raise suspicions.

2) Before going to the lawyer, write down all the events that may be relevant, sorted by date.

There are some details that are not legally important, such as infidelities, so there is no need to go into the details that can cause you not to mention another relevant event. On the other hand, if it would be important if the treatment were degrading and even more so if it were carried out with the minors present, it is also important to mention if you have other minor children, in order to request the food pension.

3) Collect all the tests you can, WhatsApp, mails, recordings.

4) Do not talk to the other person about the divorce or separation until it is an appropriate time, quiet and wait until you have an appointment with the lawyer and tell you when to do it.

5) Do not leave things in sight that have to do with the visit to the professional, delete the calls or change the name of the office for one that may be more familiar, since suspicion could be raised and the other part understands it as a betrayal.

6) In what cases, it is important that family members or a friend be aware of the start of the process in case the situation is complicated.

7) Much encouragement because it is a difficult process but everything comes to an end.