Health Insurance during pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most important stages in a woman's life, therefore, most health insurances include in her policies the specific care the pregnant woman needs. At these times it is when it is most important to have a good insurance that covers our backs and guarantees our safety and that of the baby. In you can compare in 1 minutes among the best companies to find the policy that best suits your needs.

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What is the price of a delivery in a private hospital?

Pregnancy and subsequent delivery are very important moments in a woman's life, so it is normal that at this time you start thinking about where you will give birth. At this point it is time to weigh the pros and cons of each option and choose the alternative that best suits your needs and offer the assistance you need.

Given this, it should be noted that a delivery in a private hospital usually costs about € 6,000 , that if there is no cesarean section or there is no complication, since these assumptions usually increase the cost of the intervention. However, if you wish to have private assistance, you always have the option of contracting health insurance, with coverage for pregnancy and childbirth, which covers the costs of both pregnancy monitoring and hospitalization during childbirth.

Pregnancy coverage with Sanitas

In this context, we find Sanitas insurance - Sanitas More Health , Sanitas More 90,000, Sanitas Premium 500,000, Sanitas Mundi € 500,000, Sanitas Mundi 1 million euros and Sanitas Professionals - which include pregnancy coverage. Having this guarantee, the company will cover the costs of monitoring the weekly evolution of pregnancy, high resolution ultrasound or assistance to the newborn during hospital admission .

In addition, Sanitas gives you the possibility of accessing additional tests so that you have the most complete follow-up possible. These tests are:

  • Sex of the baby through maternal blood.
  • 4D ultrasound.
  • Umbilical cord.

However, to enjoy all these advantages you have to spend a period of lack of 8 months . That is, you can only access pregnancy coverage if it has been 8 months since you took out the insurance, except for premature delivery. Also, Sanitas excludes deliveries in aquatic environment, at home or other alternative means.

Are you going to be a mom? Meet Aegon's maternity coverage

Also, by contracting any of the Aegon insurance modalities, you have at your disposal maternity coverage that covers the expenses derived from maternity -pregnancy-, medical, surgical and hospital assistance related to childbirth or caesarean section, as well as assistance to childbirth preparation courses. In addition, Aegon includes the following additional coverages:

  • Epidural anesthesia.
  • The baby is covered by the mother's policy for the first 30 days.
  • Early amniocentesis in risk pregnancy.

It should be noted that, as in Sanitas, the period of lack is 8 months, except if premature delivery occurs.

MAPFRE specialized obstetrics assistance

The obstetrician's assistance is part of MAPFRE's Healthcare insurance and includes the procedures for the monitoring of pregnancy, as long as hospital admission is not required. This assistance also covers the following Preventive Medicine Programs:

  • Preparation for childbirth
  • Monitoring and treatment of diabetes in pregnancy.

However, MAPFRE has the coverage of Obstetric Hospitalization, which includes delivery assistance or caesarean section in hospitalization, medical assistance of the newborn during the first 3 days or 5 if it is a cesarean delivery and cryopreservation of blood stem cells and umbilical cord tissue. It also includes epidural anesthesia - as long as there is a medical indication.

Finally, like the previous companies, a period of lack of 8 months is imposed and excludes deliveries in aquatic environments, at home and by alternative means.

ASISA and childbirth assistance

ASISA includes both pregnancy monitoring and delivery assistance in all of your health policies, except for ASISA Proxima . In the latter, hospitalization is not covered, so birth assistance is excluded. However, in all other modalities, all expenses generated during admission are included. In addition, ASISA provides medical care to the newborn during the first 30 days of life.

It should be noted that the pregnancy follow-up does not have any period of lack. However, childbirth assistance has a period of lack of 8 months and requires prior authorization from ASISA, as does not cover water births, at home or by alternative means.

Pregnancy and childbirth coverage in Adeslas

Adeslas has a wide variety of alternatives so they can choose the protection you need. Regarding pregnancy, with the basic Adeslas insurance you will have access to the most elementary services such as preparation for childbirth or monitoring of pregnancy. However, if what you want is complete protection, the Adeslas Plena Vital and Adeslas Completo insurance include a wide variety of tests and services such as:

  • Prenatal tests: analytical, ultrasound, oral glucose tolerance curve, amniocentesis, etc.
  • Preparation for childbirth
  • Single room with a companion bed.
  • Epidural anesthesia.
  • Incubator.

In addition, the insurer will cover health care for the newborn during the first 30 calendar days of life.

What coverage includes health insurance in pregnancy?

Having private insurance from the moment you know you are pregnant is one of the reasons why many couples choose to take out medical insurance. But to be able to enjoy all the advantages offered by giving birth in a private hospital, you have already seen that it is necessary to have insurance that covers hospitalization, on the one hand, and to overcome the period of lack , on the other. Unless it is a vital emergency or premature delivery: in these cases, insurers can eliminate the deficiency and also offer hospital care.

If you have already passed your period of lack when you become pregnant, you can count on the usual benefits of medical insurance in relation to pregnancy and childbirth: visits to obstetrics specialists, ultrasounds (which can be in 3D and in 4D if you opt for policies such as DKV Seguros ), prenatal tests, the course of childbirth preparation and assistance, with hospitalization in a single room as well as assistance to the baby.

Keep in mind that if both parents are included in the policy, your baby will be too. It is what most companies usually offer to couples who have had a child. Typically, he receives neonatal care and is included in the policy at no additional cost, until age 14, enjoying all the medical services that the company offers to its insured.

Pregnancy is covered, in most cases, by the usual health insurance.

  • Weekly evolution of pregnancy.
  • Ultrasound
  • Consultations with the specialist doctor.
  • Childbirth preparation courses.
  • Assistance during delivery.
  • Assistance to the newborn during hospital admission (the mother's policy usually covers the baby until hospital discharge).
  • Postpartum care at home.

The specific coverage of each insurance depends on the conditions agreed between the company and the insured. Thus, the medical policy may include one or other treatments depending on what is signed in the contract.

It should be borne in mind that, in addition to the basic coverage, our policy may include additional services such as the conservation of umbilical cord stem cells, the aforementioned 4D ultrasound, non-invasive prenatal genetic test, etc. In the event that our insurance does not include these coverages, it is customary for the company in question to offer us special prices for these medical tests.

5 advantages of giving birth in a private hospital

Although in Spain we are fortunate to have a free public health system, due to the saturation suffered by the service, the quality of the treatment can be reduced: infinite waiting times, surface diagnoses, obsolete diagnostic machines ... That's why many People decide to go to private clinics where care is much more personalized. Here we leave you with five advantages of giving birth in a private hospital.  

1. Private and more comfortable facilities

This is probably the great virtue of private hospitals. In a public hospital there are many possibilities to share a room with another parturient , and that coexistence is not always “peaceful”. Even so, even if she is a good companion, they are moments that require intimacy for you and yours, and that is something that private hospital rooms offer.

In addition they are usually more spacious, they have comfortable beds for the companions - instead of reclining chairs - , private bathrooms, light regulation, television, Wi-Fi and all the comforts to make you feel at home, whenever possible. Not to mention the accessories for children and other accessories that will be very helpful. Moreover, the facilities are usually renewed from time to time in order to offer the best service and the budget can be more flexible. This is the case, for example, of dilation and delivery rooms in water, among others.

2. Less saturation

As we mentioned earlier, hospital saturation is the Achilles heel of public health. In private clinics this problem disappears, which reduces waiting times in visits to specialists, diagnostic tests, obtaining the results of analysis, and so on. There are many fewer patients, which means that more time can be devoted to each of them.

This makes the conditions of the visits also much more flexible. We do not find any time or visitor limitations and even allow children to enter - always using this freedom responsibly.

3. Closeness of professionals

The gynecologist you choose to advise you throughout pregnancy will also be the one who assists you in childbirth and so will your midwife. In public health this cannot be controlled, since the delivery will be carried out by the professional who is on duty at that moment.

Although any public health gynecologist is trained to do a great job, it is true that at a time as important as that of childbirth it is preferable to have close people of trust. In addition, private healthcare allows you to change specialists if the patient considers it appropriate, and you can always have access to a second opinion.

4. Personalized birth plan

You are the one who decides. You can opt for a birth in lithotomy position or one in standing position - practically vertically. Everything is at the decision of the pregnant woman and, of course, under the control of the doctors. All this customization allows a much more natural birth, but doctors will intervene if they see any complications.

You can choose where to perform the dilation - swimming pool or in the room itself - and even that it is the same place where dilation and childbirth occur, thus avoiding the transfer that can be very annoying for some mothers. The hospital staff will be at your disposal to fulfill your requests.

5. Professional guarantee

If you have health insurance that includes pregnancy coverage , you can choose one of the private clinics that are associated with the company. This is synonymous with professionalism and quality, since the best insurers have earned the prestige of having the best technicians and the best facilities.

In short, what a private hospital offers is more freedom for your child to be born in the way you think is convenient and the convenience of doing so in a relaxed environment surrounded by your family.

How to choose hospital for childbirth

In Spain, we can choose between public health - social security - and private health to give birth. In the case of public health, 100% of the expenses are covered, but in the private sector it is the patient who pays for all services. However, if you have health insurance, it is most likely that pregnancy coverage is included in the policy. This allows that, depending on the characteristics of the insurance, the company takes care of the total or a part of the invoices.

And what should be taken into account when choosing the hospital? In the case of private health there is the possibility of choosing a professional to accompany you throughout the pregnancy and, finally, also assist you at the time of giving birth. With insurance you can choose from a list of doctors who are associated with the company, which are a guarantee of professionalism and quality. If you choose one of them, you can give birth in the hospital that is working.

The most important thing is that you inform yourself of the services that one hospital or another can offer. And not everyone has the same facilities and resources to, for example, cope with complications in childbirth. On the other hand, we must also take into account the proximity of the medical center . Any mother has the right to decide in the hospital that she wants her child to be born, even if she is 400 kilometers from her usual residence. However, as is logical, it is recommended that the hospital be as close as possible to the home. Find out about the average length of hospital stay - the usual thing is to spend about four to five days - and choose the one that best suits your claims.