Health Insurance Council

In Spain, public health coverage is universal . This means that any person resident in Spain has the right to have Social Security cover all health problems of both primary care and specialist and hospital care.

What is the interest of signing a private health insurance that I have to pay out of pocket? The interest lies in obtaining more accessible, faster and friendlier care through private treatment by a very important group of doctors that constitute the medical cadres of the most important insurers.

The important thing is that doctors heal us when we are sick. But at the same time there are many people who appreciate receiving us quickly, treating us well and answering all our questions and concerns about our state of health. That is to say, that they dedicate us part of their time so that we understand exactly what happens to us and how the treatment will affect us.

For this reason, more than 8 million Spaniards have contracted private health insurance.

Without excluding in any case our permanent right to be treated by public Social Security, private insurance gives us a closed access preferential access to the necessary medical care at all levels of both family medicine, specialist and hospital medicine.

Health insurance increases its price depending on the age of the insured . When several people from the family are included, the premium adapts to the different ages of the people who make up the family. To decide which health insurance is more interesting, it is not enough to select it for the price, we recommend that the insurer’s medical chart be carefully analyzed so that the doctors we wish to attend are effectively included in it.

This is applicable to the classic health care insurance in which the doctors who care for the insured are those who make up the medical staff.

There is another modality that is more expensive because it is broader, in which the insured can go to any specialist and the insurer subsequently reimburses a percentage of the bills paid by him. This insurance is called “reimbursement” and gives greater freedom but is effectively reflected in the price of insurance.

Another important aspect is to analyze the policy to determine until what age you can subscribe and until what age the insurer is obliged to maintain coverage.

More than 80% of the premiums paid by health insurance revert to the medical professionals who care for the insured. This means that it is one of the insurances with the greatest reversion or benefit that they return to the insured.

Keep in mind to others that the insurers being large “buyers of medical services” get prices that would be impossible to have at an individual level.

For all these reasons, it is advisable to permanently maintain a health insurance policy, which in no case, I reiterate, limits our universal right to health care offered by the State.