Health Insurance Comparison

Although in Spain we have a public health system, today a large part of the population chooses to compare private health health insurance to obtain a better quality in their health care.

To facilitate the task for Spanish consumers we have created a free service that allows us to obtain a comparison of personalized health insurance in just a few minutes. A team of experienced professionals will process your application and will guide you on the different policies and medical insurers of the market to help you contract the medical insurance with the best relationship between price and coverage .

Keep in mind that although the price is a relevant factor, when hiring health insurance it is essential to pay special attention to the important differences that exist in the level of benefits of the different policies of each insurer. For example, a Sanitas policy does not have a grace period for surgical interventions and hospitalizations, while Adeslas has a 15-month grace period. There are also differences in co-payments, for example Mutua Madrileña policies do not require a co-payment for pediatrics and in Asisa the co-payment is usually 2.50 euros per visit. There are also important differences in the global limits per year that vary from 97,000 euros of MAPFRE Salud for example, at 303,000 euros from one of Axa’s health insurance.

To access private healthcare, insurers offer basically two types, health care medical insurance and medical expenses reimbursement insurance. When creating your health insurance comparison, you should keep in mind that health care insurance is the most contracted and offers the insured private health services through a medical staff, clinics and concerted hospitals that are put at your service. This type of insurance includes basic medical services as well as including care by specialists as well as access to emergency and ambulance services and all types of diagnosis, radiology and clinical analysis.

The other type of policies to consider are reimbursement insurance. These are some products that offer the insured to freely choose the doctor they want. The client pays directly to the doctor or clinic where a diagnosis or treatment is made and in a second step he receives a reimbursement from the insurer for the costs of the medical care received. Depending on the health insurance policy, insurers reimburse the total bill or a high percentage.

In conclusion, to be able to make a good decision before hiring a policy, it is necessary to make a fairly thorough analysis of the market and in the absence of time and knowledge, it can be very useful to have the help of an expert in the field. Therefore, our recommendation is that you use our free insurance comparator and clarify any possible questions with our team of specialized advisors.

The process is simple:

  • Fill out 1 form in just 1 minute
  • We calculate prices and coverage of the best medical insurers
  • You get your custom comparison instantly
  • Clarify any questions with our consultants by phone or email
  • You comfortably hire from home the option that best suits your needs