Health insurance companies finally have better news for 2020

Just in time for the last days of the golden autumn, Swiss insurance companies have published their premiums for 2020. and that we can reassure you: it’s specialized news! you’ll determine why this is often not always the case and who can expect 2020 especially .

What are bonuses anyway?
The insurance and insurance system in Switzerland is especially characterized by basic insurance. This, because the name implies, is equally valid for all Swiss citizens and guarantees all people comparable insurance with equivalent benefits.

Additional benefits, on the opposite hand, vary widely and depend totally on the insurance chosen. Are different packages also offered? At now , everyone has got to decide personally and compare what offers match their own ideas, demands and, above all, needs.

In addition to individual models and views, bonuses also play a crucial and important role. Premiums for basic insurance are established by the insurance company itself, although taking under consideration some regulations.

In general, you ought to consider the subsequent categories when it involves rewards:

Your current insurance company: Where are you insured?
Your age group: Are you over 18 years old? You’re older?
Your current place of residence: during which canton does one live?
Are insurance premiums monitored by BAG? federal department of Public Health.

The federal public health office
The federal department of Public Health (BAG) is liable for health policy in Switzerland.

In addition to responsibilities within the country, the federal department of Public Health also represents Switzerland’s areas of responsibility in world affairs . additionally to insurance and accident insurance, the BAG also supports other health promotion projects.

Therefore, programs on problems with addiction and addictive behavior, sexually transmitted diseases and radiation protection also are a part of the task.

This is how the premiums for 2020 end up
We have already indicated: the premiums of insurance companies in Switzerland are published for 2020 and that they are quite positive! this is often not always the case, most of you almost certainly know since 2019, because there was a mean increase in costs of 1.1 percent.

There is only a replacement 0.2 percent increase by 2020. However, this is often only the typical value. Individual premiums vary between -1.5 percent and a couple of .9 percent counting on the canton. consistent with the BAG, the typical premium in 2020 was CHF 315.40. The invoice includes all age groups.

Here you’ll find an in depth description of the premiums for 2020. this is often weakened by different age groups. All insurance companies and every one cantons were taken under consideration . meaning the precise number may vary for you.

adult children young adults
average premium for 2020 CHF 374.40 98.70 francs CHF 265.30
Change over the previous year. 0.3% increase without changes 2% reduction
Reasons for positive price development.
According to statements from the FMH medical association, doctors made a crucial contribution to the very fact that premium development and price growth have stabilized. Because although doctors are increasingly performing outpatient procedures, the prices of practicing doctors haven’t increased.

In return, the Santésuisse insurance association emphasizes that this alteration is extremely likely to not last. If cost reduction measures aren’t implemented within the future, premiums would also increase between three and 4 percent a year. It remains to be seen to what extent the trend towards stable prices will continue within the future.