Car insurance claims made by different professionals

For years, the notion of women being better drivers than men has always being a difficult concept to comprehend for some, especially when our lady car insurance premiums are so affordable. But fortunately, new evidence suggests that it isn’t so much gender that plays a part in road accidents but a driver’s profession instead.

A recent study carried out by found that motorists from particular professions were more likely to make claims on their UK car insurance, compared to other career minded folk who may have previously been stereotyped as dangerous drivers.

Ironically, the survey found that drivers who worked in caring professions were the most likely to have an accident and make a claim on their policy. In stark contrast to this, gravediggers proved to be much better on the road, having fewer crashes than doctors and surgeons.

To get a better idea of the survey, we’ve listed some of the most surprising statistics to be released by If you work in any of the following “high risk” professions, you may have to pay a little extra on your premium, especially compared to those categorised as safer drivers.

Whenever you fancy a breaststroke in your local swimming pool, you can always feel assured that the lifeguard will jump to your rescue if you ever needed saving. However, it seems that if you’re driving near a lifeguard on the roads, you could be at greater risk from injury. This is especially as they appear to have the highest crash rate in the survey with 13.8% having at-fault accidents.

Doctors and surgeons
If you’ve got a tickly cough or an aching back, you can always rely on your doctor to take a look at the problem, diagnose it and give you a prescription that will get you well on the way to recovery. But, in all their haste to reach appointments on time, it seems that doctors and surgeons are two groups of professionals that have high accident rates. The evidence found that 13% of doctors made claims on their car insurance policy with 12.7% of claims being made by surgeons.

Everybody knows that smoking kills and so it’s ironic that those trading in the tobacco industry also appear to be at high risk from road crashes. In fact, the study showed that a total of 13.6% made a claim on their cheap car insurance polices.

Veterinary surgeons
When our sick cat or poorly dog needs a jab, we waste no haste in rushing them to see a veterinary surgeon but did you ever think that people in this profession could also be responsible for a number of serious crashes on the UK roads? The study by showed that 4.53% were involved in collisions for which they made a claim on their car insurance policy.

These industry experts, who are used to stuffing dead animals for displays and study purposes, came out at the lower end of the scale with a figure of just 4.53% admitting to causing motor accidents.

Not the most glamorous of professions but one of the safest according to If you every wanted to become a gravedigger, you’ll be secure in the knowledge that just 3.83% have made claims for car crashes; a great less than those in caring careers.

Commenting on the findings from the study, director of car insurance, Richard Mason, said, “Our research shows the insurance industry needs to revisit the premiums it charges.

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