7 tips to clean white shoes

What white sneakers wear, right? The truth is that they combine with everything, even to be arranged and attend an event. In fact, white shoes must be part of any wardrobe that is worth its salt. But of course, they have a slight drawback: they are white and, as such, their dirt may be more visible than in other shoe colors and also more difficult to remove. We give you some tips to clean the white shoes.

Do not be afraid to have white shoes or do not discard those shoes that are so clear and you like them so much, do you know that you can clean them and get them shiny again? The end of always buying dark shoes, dare to look your feet with white and radiant shoes. Just simply knowing how to wash them as you play …

1. Mix soap and water

All you need is to mix detergent soap with warm water and then apply the mixture with a cloth through the shoe, it will look like new, also remember to pass the mixture through the cracks and joints of the shoe

2. Wet cloth and grease

Surely you have grease at home, they are essential for washing the kitchen. Know that you can also use it to clean your white shoes. Take a damp cloth, pour a little of that grease and leave your white sneakers as new and conscious. They will look like others!

Easy tricks to enjoy white sneakers. (iStock)

3. Use baking soda

This is a trick that went viral on the internet and was shared more than 100,000 times just on Twitter. Simply wet the slippers and mix in a bicarbonate bowl and laundry detergent. With a toothbrush, rub the mixture on the stains of the footwear and let it sit for a while until they dry and perfect!

4. Use ammonia

Be very careful with using this advice to clean white shoes because of the toxicity of ammonia. Here you should mix it with dishwashing soap in a bowl, stir for a couple of minutes, until the bicarbonate has been diluted and by means of a brush, pass it around the stains.

Do not be afraid to have white sneakers with these tricks. (iStock)

5. White sneakers … with embroidery

If your shoes are white but have some type of embroidery, what you can do is put them in a bag, put this in the washing machine and the softer wash cycle. Use cold water and for drying, put a small paper towel inside to absorb moisture and help you dry them.

6. Use milk

Yes, the whiteness of milk can be the perfect weapon to return to your original white shoes that they deserve. You must dissolve the milk with salt and pour it into a bowl, then place the shoes in it for a while and then wash them in the washing machine.

Very simple tips for very white shoes. (iStock)

7. White sneakers… leather

If your white shoes are not plastic or canvas and are made of leather, there are also tips to return your nuclear target. How? Brush a toothbrush with benzine and carefully review each part of the shoe. The white color will resurface from the dirt.